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We satisfy your company’s appetite for something different

Marché was born from the knowledge that in the workplace today “status quo” is just not good enough. That is why we are fueling change at the best companies in New York City with fresh ideas, inspired break room designs, and incredible food, snacks, and beverages.

We have over 20 years of experience in delivering food solutions to our city’s busy professionals. We offer an elevated workplace dining experience that reflects our clients dedication to their employees. We provide world class products, white glove service, and a constant pursuit of perfection in our business relationships with our customers.

Our innovative break rooms and micro-markets are a welcome retreat during the work day and an ideal place to dine, collaborate, or entertain clients and guests. Read more about us on Vending Market Watch.

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Providing convenience through advanced technology

Marché is bringing added convenience to your break room. With wireless monitoring, lightspeed technology and fast cashless payments we have what your workplace needs!

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Micro-markets are the core of our business.
A subsidized market is the most popular choice.

What is a subsidized market
and why is it better?

Today’s companies are moving away from offering their employees free pantry service - and replacing it with a
system that is more efficient, effective, and fair.

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and check out the benefits below!

A Subsidized Market

  • Employees receive an allowance to freely spend in their micro-market
  • Employees can select the fresh foods, snacks, and beverages that suit their individual tastes from a wide variety of choices
  • A fairer system, where employees are guaranteed their benefit
  • A fully stocked marketplace at all times of day
  • A market that is open for non-employed guests to use at their own expense
  • Flexibility to adjust allowances by department, season, or individual employee
  • The option save and accumulate allowances to spend at a later date – and to supplement allowances with additional personal funds.

Free Pantry Service

  • A fixed budget is used to keep a standardized selection of items in stock
  • Product selections that optimize your budget
  • Constantly refreshing products to keep up with the latest trends
  • Boosts office productivity and morale
  • An office pantry can improve retention and increase the satisfaction of employees

Partnered with the worldwide leader in food & facility management for over 50 years

As a Marché Customer you will now be able to enjoy all the perks of Sodexo, along with your individual Marché serves! As a Sodexo Alliance Member we are dedicated to making every day a better day for people and organizations.

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Our experts will develop a subsidized market program to perfectly suit your employees' tastes and your company's budget.
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