What is a New York micro-market?

A micro-market is an open-air market that contains glass coolers and modern shelving stocked with an assortment of refreshments—each containing an accompanying touchless self-checkout kiosk.


You can easily enjoy the micro-market around the clock no matter what time your shift is.


Stocked with delicious and trendy fresh Food that today's employees are looking for.


Each micro-market is created based on your individual needs and wants.

No Attendee

With remote monitoring and automated checkout kiosks, there is no need for an attendee

Self-serve micro-markets in New York City

What are the benefits of a micro-market?

Workplace Enhancement

Boosted Wellbeing

Minimal Touchpoints

Cashless and Secure

Keep Employees On-site

Boost Energy and Productivity

What is the installation process?

It's hassle-free! Here's what you can expect.



We'll meet with you and spend time getting to know you and your specific break room needs.



After the initial meeting, we'll gather measurements of your space, order all necessary shelving and equipment, and begin planning out your break room.



Our team will install the shelving, coolers, and equipment. Then we will begin filling your coolers and shelves
with refreshments.



This is the best part, it's time to enjoy your break room. Don't worry; we'll stick around and ensure that your team knows how to use the break room and checkout
kiosk properly.

What can you expect after your micro-market is installed?

You can expect it to be a hands-off and hassle-free experience. We will manage to keep your break room cleaned, stocked, and running correctly.

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Touchless Experience

All of our micro-markets are equipped with modern technology that allows your New York employees to have a low contact experience. They can use our touchless checkout kiosks to pay for their refreshments straight from their phone.