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Office coffee service in New York City
Office coffee brewing equipment in New York

City of Saints

This young roasting company calls New York and New Jersey home. It takes great pride in its coffee as well as its sourcing practices, developing sustainable and meaningful partnerships with producers throughout the world. City of Saints' local cafes celebrate the heritage and spirit of our community.

New York office coffee service
New York office coffee brewing equipment


With more than 120 years of history, Lavazza has mastered the art and science of coffee. Whether whole bean or single-use, Lavazza leads the way in authentic Italian coffee that's exceptional quality.

New York coffee service
Coffee service in New York
Coffee equipment in New York
New York coffee equipment


Since its first store opened in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, Starbucks has offered some of the world’s finest coffees. The brand is celebrated for its mission to inspire a feeling of connection between coffee drinkers and communities – and the company has been recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies and valuable brands.


La Colombe

La Colombe was started on a simple premise: America Deserves Better Coffee. For over 20 years, its founders have managed their company philanthropically and have responsibly sourced coffee beans from the world’s developing countries. Their craft of beautifully roasting coffees originates from their co-founder’s training in a classical Italian café.


Seven Grams Caffe

Seven Grams Caffé believes the perfect cup of coffee begins with the perfect shot of espresso. Each fragrant espresso has precisely 7 grams of the ideal quality coffee that has been carefully selected, spanning different regions, altitudes, processing methods, and varietals.

Sail Away

Sail Away is a modern and straightforward approach to drip coffee and cold brew. Founded based on travels in both Colombia and Central America, this trendy brand does not skimp on quality or a rich depth of flavor.


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