Every safety protocol at every visit

Tangelo technology provides guidelines and visual verification of trusted health and safety protocols.

Details in hand

Drivers are provided guidelines and service details through their handheld devices.

Transparent protocols

Pictures and information are shared as evidence of executing the proper protocols.

Mandatory confirmation

Drivers confirm every safety action has been taken and every guideline has been met at every visit.

Before & after photos

Drivers upload photos at the end of each visit for visual comparison and inspection.

Subsidize food for greater rewards

Earn employee appreciation with one of our micro-market subsidy programs. Pay for all or part of the micro-market product cost so employees enjoy a discounted price. This makes staff feel appreciated, transforming the break room into a retention tool in addition to a workplace perk. Companies can also use this on a specific product category to encourage healthier eating or on a per employee basis for meeting corporate goals.


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Top-notch service for workplaces large and small

Germ elimination

Enjoy touchless payment options with credit and mobile wallets that keep germs from spreading.

Always open

Marche’s self-checkout kiosk allows employees to use the micro-market 24 hours a day.

Automated restocking

Smart technology in the micro-market creates real-time restocking lists without the need for ordering.

Self-contained security

Reliable, high-definition cameras on a dedicated internet source secure the entire micro-market.

Breakthrough SaferTouch™ technology for your break room

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Entice employees with a professional break room experience

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